I have read and agree to the Terms Of Service

I have read and agree to the Terms Of Service

Terms and Conditions


You can cancel your Service at any time. Please note you must cancel your Service before it renews for a subsequent month in order to avoid being charged for the next month's Service Fee. If you cancel your Service, the cancellation will become effective at the end of the current monthly Service period. To cancel any of the Services you will need to fill out the cancellation form once received we will cancel your Service and you will receive an email confirmation.


REFUNDS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED FOR ANY SERVICES, WE DO NOT PROVIDE CREDIT, REFUNDS, OR PRORATED BILLING FOR ANY SERVICES THAT CANCELLED MID-MONTH. In such a circumstance, you will continue to have access to your Service until the end of the month billing cycle. We do reserve the right to offer refunds or discounts or other consideration in select circumstances at our sole discretion. Please note that each circumstance is unique and election to make such an offer in one instance does not create the obligation to do so in another.